Associated Career Professionals International (ACPi)

ACPI Training Pty. Ltd.

ACPI Training Pty. Ltd. is an internationally networked organization committed to enhancing professional performance, individual and community wellbeing and organizational excellence. It grew out of and retains a direct association with the Association of Career Professionals International (ACPI) ACPi Training is head quartered in NSW, Australia. It has a global focus and actively supports the building of local capacity in professional practice. Growth and change are supported through high quality professional mentoring, coaching, training services and believe that leadership development is the key to success. ACPi Training is growing quickly, broadening its scope of professional leadership services and professional associates. Programs are uniquely designed to support organizations and individuals who wish to participate in a global community engaging with clients from different countries and cultures. ACPi Training ensures professionals are supported by practicing professionals, globally.

Our Vision & Mission

We see a global community in which: leaders actively support and promote well-being and personal, professional excellence

Professional Support

Through mentoring, coaching and customized programs, ACPi Training seeks to provide high standard professional support to organizations…

Nurturing Excellence

Our highly standardized performance improvement and engagement (employee engagement, stakeholder engagement, student engagement) programs


We provide our clients the opportunity to become part to our strong international network of qualified professionals, leaders and change facilitators…


We are renowned for designing, developing and delivering leaders who drive the effective performance, transformation and ideal professional practice at workplace. Our services and programs enable leaders to fortify highly engaging work culture that ensures that organizational outcomes are achieved in the most tangible manner.


Professionals supporting professionals & change … Globally


We facilitate coaching in a one-on-one setting enabling all necessary skills to engage in an ideal professional practice. With candidates we explore the possibilities in terms of resources, knowledge and skills to achieve their vision, lead themselves and people to their fullest potential.

Promoting Excellence

ACPI Training recognizes excellence in professional practice by issuing certificate of excellence to individuals or organizations which demonstrate excellent professional practice. Recipients are nominated and meet Certification requirements in specific performance excellence areas. Organizations win Award as ‘Centre of Excellence’ which consistently demonstrate excellence in business and professional practice.

Learning and Development

ACPi Training offers complete range of L&D solutions suitable for needs of organizations in wide variety of settings, functioning in different business backgrounds. Solutions are designed upon the need analysis that complement organizations in house capabilities. With the help of internal and sourced facilitators we design and deliver personalized services followed by a comprehensive follow up and evaluation process. Visit our ‘Programs’ page to see the illustrative programs.